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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dogs seeking homes: Oklahoma

To find a new home for your dog in Oklahoma you MUST READ BEFORE POSTING

1 comment:

  1. Pit Mix in Sapulpa, OK needed to be re-homed by 2/7/14
    Good with other dogs? Yes
    Good with cats? No
    Good with children? Yes Specify Ages or All: 10 yrs and up
    Leash Trained? Yes
    Housetrained? Yes
    Crate trained? No
    Obedience trained? Yes-Some

    Dogs name _______Moxy_______________________
    Breed (or mix) _____Pit Mix_____________________
    Gender ___Female________
    Color / Markings ____Blonde________
    Spayed or neutered? No

    Age ____Approx. 5 yrs_________
    Weight ____45 Pounds_______
    Can you provide proof of the following vaccinations; Dhlp-p, Bordatella, Rabies ? No
    Do you have the receipts for the vaccinations? No
    Medical Concerns or Current Health Issues: No
    Reason(s) for rehoming the dog:__She came to me because her owner couldn't keep and knew I would help, but I don't have the room, and I have to find her a permanent home.

    I certify that I am the legal owner of the animal described herein. I understand that there are no written or verbal guarantees given or implied regarding the placement of this animal other than Shorty’s Rescue Network's best efforts. I promise to provide vaccination records as indicated above as well as any other pertinent medical information.
    INITIAL HERE: __KDB_____