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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dogs seeking homes: Oregon

To find a new home for your dog in Oregon you MUST READ BEFORE POSTING

1 comment:

  1. Veneta, Oregon, Hone needed by 2/21/13

    Good with other dogs? Yes
    Good with cats? Yes
    Good with children? Yes, all ages
    Leash Trained? Yes
    Housetrained? Yes
    Crate trained? Yes
    Obedience trained? Yes
    Dogs name Diesel
    Breed (or mix) Pit Bull
    Gender male
    Color / Markings Black brindle, white chest, white spot on muzzle
    Spayed or neutered? No
    Age Will be 2 years old on 3/31/13
    Weight 75 lbs
    Can you provide proof of the following vaccinations; No, has had 4 way + Parvo on 4/7/12
    Do you have the receipts for the vaccinations? Yes
    Medical Concerns or Current Health Issues: NONE
    Reason(s) for rehoming the dog:Landlord's Insurance won't cover for Pit Bull - type dogs

    I certify that I am the legal owner of the animal described herein. I understand that there are no written or verbal guarantees given or implied regarding the placement of this animal other than Shorty’s Rescue Network's best efforts. I promise to provide vaccination records as indicated above as well as any other pertinent medical information.

    Diesel is almost 2 years old, and is a black brindle Pit Bull male, intact, not papered. He is a perfect gentleman, and has been a great member of our family. Due to a new living situation and job, the insurance won't allow him to be on the property, so he needs a new home, fast! We are on borrowed time. If I can't find him a new home in a few days, I will have to have him euthanized. He currently lives with a Sheltie and a cat. He doesn't chew on the furniture, or surf the counter, and loves going on car rides. HE IS NOT AGGRESSIVE!

    THIS DOG CAN DO WEIGHT PULL OR CART PULLING. WE HAVE BEEN TRAINING TOWARDS THAT GOAL! If you want a dog that can actually DO something other than eat and poop, this is your man!

    Diesel can fetch balls, rope tugs, or sticks, loves to swim, will retrieve water toys, jump off the diving board, and run politely next to the bicycle. He is polite in traffic and on crowds, will not reach to sniff strangers or strange dogs, and will obey commands wven with distractions. He will also pull in harness, and is under voice command the whole time. I have been using him to pull downed tree branches and light frieght, he has a padded pulling harness that he loves, he will even pull you on the bike, roller skates, or skateboard!

    He has great manners, will not jump up on you or mouth you, and will fetch toys or balls for HOURS. He is not dog aggressive, but true to Pit Bull form, the one fight he did get in (the other dog jumped him because he was toy aggressive and wanted the ball) the other dog got bitten. I called it off immediately, and he released the other dog, who only sustained a minor puncture on the foreleg. This is no vicious, evil killer of the news reports! I have tugged on his ears, tail, handled his toes, lips, and mouth, all to desensitize him. He is great around kids, and you can mess with his food bowl and even put your hand in the dish while he's eating. No vices.

    He has a high prey drive, so I wouldn't trust him around chickens or other small livestock. I also have concerns about the small, screaming type of dogs. He doesn't seem to recognize them as dogs, but instead, as rabbits or rats (they squeak, too!) He doesn't chase cats he has been introduced to, and is easy to call off. He will kill a squeaky toy in 30 seconds flat.

    Obedient, reliable, just plain fun... This is the dog I have always wanted. He will happily go to the store with you then lay patiently until you return. He likes to wear sweaters and lifts his paws to help you get them on or off.

    (503) 432-1538 Please mention the dog when calling or texting.